The best collections of outdoor furniture in Mallorca
The best collections of outdoor furniture in Mallorca

The best collections of outdoor furniture in Mallorca

Are you looking for a garden furniture store in Mallorca? Would you like to see collections that adapt to your likes and stand out for their elegance and sophistication? LifestyleGarden is all you need. 

As a brand, we know what we are doing. All of our designs are made in our own facilities to asure that there is no use of materials that would be harmful to the environment. We believe that a much more sustainable and respectful future with nature is possible. 

Each and every one of our pieces has been made with the most advanced technology in Asia, and has been rigorously tested according to  international quality, durability and functionality standards.

We are characterised for creating designs that perfectly adapt to our clients tastes, we offer balcony and outdoor collections, as well as indoor furniture collections. 

What are some of our outdoor furniture pieces in Mallorca?

As we said before, we have a huge catalogue of designs that adapt to every corner of a home. In this article, we are going to talk about some of these designs, but if you want to see all of them, you can go to our website.

If you’re looking for a collection for wide open spaces, we recommend that you check out Ipanema. Made from teak, aluminum, olefin, rope and Duresin, it is one of our more unique collections. 

Our Ipanema sofas, chairs and tables offer something for every corner of your home: from balconies or little terraces to big outdoor spaces. 

Another one of our favorite collections is Nassau. It’s perfect to bring color and joy to your house, as well as coming in a large range of pastel colors so that it fits in perfectly with whatever you are looking for. 

If what you want is a design where you can eat and enjoy the company while sitting around a good table, we recommend Salomon. Equally simple and elegant, it combines wood and aluminium to create a mix of endurance and sophistication. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in Mallorca, LifestyleGarden has the honor to invite you to our Showroom on the island, so that anyone who’s interested in our designs and products can go see them in a unique setting filled with experiences. We offer a space where everyone can relax and enjoy our collections, seeing and feeling them first hand. 

On our website you will find all of our collections and articles about how to get the most out of each corner of your house, new trends in decoration…

We want to help our clients with everything that we can so they can have their dream house with our outdoor furniture in Mallorca. Don’t forget to visit our website and our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube profiles to keep up with all of our news. 

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